Lunch: Monday 4 November 2013

My first day on the Servd Fresh diet and it is going good. Breakfast was some of the best granola ever!  I think it was the nuts, but either way it is definitely something to have again. It was served with low fat yoghurt and blueberries.

I will definitely try to recreate it at home. Do you have a good granola recipe you are willing to share?

Lunch was a Thai Chicken Salad with pickled cabbage, carrots and a sweet chilli dressing. 

My anytime snack was 1 deviled egg that tasted a bit rubbery - which was very disappointing as I love deviled eggs. The yolk also didn't taste of the usual mayo and mustard mixture. It was very bland.

For dinner I had grilled Salmon with Wholegrain mustard Mash and Baby Courgette Ribbons in a Garlic Vinaigrette.

For my late night snack I had the most amazing Baked Apple Slices. They tasted like cinnamon apple fritters deep fried in oil! Very indulgent indeed.

So far the main meals are great. The anytime snacks seems to be disappointing but the evening snack really makes up for it.

With the meals prepared for me, it becomes very difficult to cheat as you lite just open the fridge

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