Lunchbox: Monday, 23 March 2015

Finally, a decent lunch box. I haven't packed one in such a long time, I almost struggled to find something to put in it! It really should be done every evening to cultivate a good habit, or it just becomes a nuisance. So far I left it for early mornings and then after packing the Little One's lunch there just isn't enough time (or energy) to pack another... Time to get back to basics. Really it's only March, usually this kind of disorganisation and lack of interest/energy/mood/whatever is present only at the end of year. Maybe I just need a break...

For the grown-up's lunchbox I added a good old beef, cheese and mustard sandwich with lettuce on crushed wheat bread. I use Dijonnaise which is Dijon, mustard seeds and mayonnaise blended to give it some creaminess, otherwise the sandwich can be both bland and dry. I also added some plain yoghurt (the container actually takes a small yoghurt tub and fits perfectly in the lunch box), some macadamia nuts, these huge grapes and mango. I added some Laughing Cow squares as an afterthought.

The Little One has yoghurt (half strawberry, half plain therefore half the sugar), a cheese and mustard on crush wheat bread mini sandwich, 2 grapes cut in half and seeded, 2 chicken meatballs and some fresh mango.

After being hospitalised with a terrible stomach bug, it was so good to get back to being able to include dairy. Taking one day at a time, Monday gone and only 4 more days to go...

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