Lunchbox: Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Leftovers, the unsung joy of the lunch box. Really, I'm not being sarcastic! It means a quick hot lunch that is even quicker to pack and all you need is a microwave to heat it up and everyone has one at work. So I added my trusty spaghetti bolognese, some cheese to add when heating, Laughing Cow squares (which I also add sometimes for a bit of creaminess), these huge grapes and super sweet watermelon.

For the Little One I had her yoghurt, some raw brusselsprouts, mini sweetcorn and a chicken and cheese sausage. She loves the raw sweetcorn but we'll see if she tries the brusselsprouts. I also added her absolute favourite fruit at the moment: passion fruit pulp. At home I just cut the top of, use a spoon to loosen some of the pulp and give both to her and she can spend an easy half hour spooning out bits of pulp to eat.

As it's difficult give a whole passion fruit to school (no knife to cut) I added the pulp to a little spill-proof container for easy access. Our passion fruit tree is out of fruit so I bought some from Woolworth's but they are so small I added the pulp of 2 fruit here.

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