Jason's Bakery | 185 Bree Street Cape Town

[UPDATE: Picture above not my own, due to a computer issue all my photos were deleted]

I have been an absentee blooger these last 2 weeks but not because of willful neglect. Though it was neglect. I had to attend a conference for the whole of last week meaning poor Hubby and Em had to fend for themselves. Taking this into consideration, I decided to share my (extremely) guilty pleasure for when I have to fend for myself as well. I should never have visited this place because I now am hooked. My addiction is so bad that I am shamelessly refusing to pack a lunch so I have an excuse to visit this place.

It's called Jason's Bakery and if a freshly baked croissant is your thing, beware: they are huge, fluffy and utterly delicious to the extend that I never just buy 1. You will hate yourself later if you only bought one because it is all you can think about the whole day. They have a wide selection but I always go for either the almond croissant or the chocolate croissant. Both excellent.

But wait there is more...gooey, chocolatety and insanely sweet "Grandma's brownies" almost had me in a sugar coma as I had to have more than one. A beautiful consistency with a crispy top, cakey centre and huge soft chunks of white chocolate. Yum!

I'm not forgetting the savoury army - they also do great pies (stirfry and noodle pies, anyone?) or how about a bacon croissant. Yes you read right! But for me it is the sandwiches. Freshly made, on a wide selection of bread available and with interesting toppings like the B.A.B. which is a bacon, avocado and brie sandwich!

There is a selection for breakfast served until 11h00 and fantastic coffee, which alone is worth the trip. And on some saturdays: the Cronut! But be warned, everything except the sandwiches sells out by midmorning so hurry, hurry. Also I suggest you go for take-aways, space is limited and always full. Just walk up to the window and order away. The sweet stuff is right in front so you get to choose.

But please promise me one thing: you WILL try the almond croissant at least once...

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