An extremely busy week!

Wow what a crappy week! Flying everywhere, meetings and more work. I was only able to do a couple of lunches but didn't even have enough time to share it.

And all of the lunches were bread-based. Healthy wasn't really on my mind, I was more looking towards quick and filling and sandwiches fits the bill perfectly. Running out of ideas? When I do, I always go back to basics. Above is just such an example: a cheese and tomato sandwich on brown bread, butter and mayonnaise.

The second lunch looks a bit more impressive but really it isn't. I had leftover chicken schnitzel which I used as a filling. I had some cream cheese and really wanted to add some sweet chilly sauce (nothing goes together as well as cream cheese  and sweet chilly sauce - try it as a dip!) but I couldn't find any! So balsamic reduction it was. It surprised me with how great it tasted.  I added these huge strawberries and very sweet grapes to both lunch boxes and that's it. This is all I have done this week. Sad isn't it?

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