Superhero Party

Every boy (and especially my little girl - I am so proud of this fact) dreams of being a super hero. The Little One apparently dreams of being Spiderman - the photo is from another (all Barbie) party she attended! While all the other girls requested flowers, crowns and other girly stuff, she (very confidently) requested Spiderman! The lady from Bazinga Parties, doing the absolutely wonderful face painting, did not even blink twice and just asked whether it should be her whole face or just half! But I digress... 

Back to a fantastic Superhero Party! Don't you just love this cake? Absolutely gorgeous. And you want to know a secret? Only the very top is real cake! Gasp! Yet this was just so smart. It always looks so much better if you have a couple of layers on a cake to really give it some stunning effect but then firstly: it costs a fortune and secondly: you waste so much cake. Now you use Styrofoam for the bottom and only cut the top.  For all the children there were individual cupcakes which they could either eat or take home - and they even got to choose their own superhero.

With the cake there were so many other goodies to choose from, all relating to the theme. I especially loved the lollipops - add a mask and cape, you have these cute little superheros. There was Spiderman juice (my child was very happy), some chips in the paper cups and a photo or two for effect.

Another cute idea was these adorable marshmallow pops that are so much quicker to make than cakepops. You melt some white chocolate, add a marshmallow to a stick, dip it in chocolate and sprinkle with some assorted sprinkles. The kids really loved these.

The theme wasn't dropped when it came to the other snacks. There were superhero figurines everywhere and the fruit platter looked just like Captain America's shield.

I didn't have a superhero outfit for the Little one so I just added some wings - making her look a lot more girly than usual. I had to show this beautiful photo of the Birthday Boy, his sister and the Little One. The new Avengers if you ask me...

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