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I know many out there are bursting with brilliant ideas for lunch boxes, easy treats, exotic sandwiches or amazing salads and would love to share it with all of us. For those who would bite the bullet and send those ideas, you can email me. If you just want to share an idea you can post a comment at the bottom of each post. Anyone is allowed to post, so enjoy yourself and start interacting with the internet community!

Please include your names, where you are from, the history of your recipe and if you can a photo (because I love seeing what you are describing) and I will reply and share it on the blog.

Don't be shy. Your idea or recipe might just be the perfect recipe someone out the was searching for! Enjoy yourself and thank you for sharing your ideas (or some praise if you have it ;) with this humble 'blogger'.

Cookbook Reviews

Things to do:

Italian Cooking Class with The Little Pink Chef
Mexican Cooking Class with the Little Pink Chef
Bastille Festival in Franschhoek every July

Treat Ideas

Shops and People we love 

The Deeghuys for frozen pastries etc.
The Cupcake Garden for the best cupcakes and beautiful cakes delivered to your door 
The I Love Company in Stellenbosch for the best (and only) coconut rusks 
The UK Emporium for all those UK goodies like mint kitkats and fruit loops not available in SA. 
The Velvet Cake Company for the best cakes, especially the cake plate.
For Em's Christening we had finger food from Daisy Foods and the beautiful cake again from Mixing Bowl Company


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