UK Emporium - the most amazing shop in Town

I like anything different and chocolates are my obsession. So why would I eat a boring old KitKat if I can choose between Mint, Orange, Dark, White, Peanut Butter or Coconut!! What you ask are these? Well in South Africa we have normal, dark and the latest addition white KitKat. But in England we have those three plus 4 other flavours!

Now the UK Emporium not only provides us mere mortals (meaning South Africans) access to the wonderful world of "something different". And the wonderful thing about this place is: they deliver!

So let's look at what I bought: 

Now, I know you're thinking: Mint Aero? How boring! But look closely - These have biscuits at the bottom! Right? Right! 

But as if biscuits aren't enough let's have the Aero in Orange flavour as well!! They come in individual bars (seven) in each packet.

The latest chocolate available in SA is the "Bubbly" but in the UK we have the MINT Bubbly, with just a layer of mint. Nice right? I love anything minty.

But if the above is still not different enough, then I give you: The Guinness Chocolate!

I love ginger biscuits, but why have them just plain? No way, let's dip them in Dark Chocolate!

But that's not all. They have everything (not just sweet). I give you the golden oldie Monster Chips!

They also have all the Kettle Chips flavours, Hula Hoop chips (remember those? I used to put them on my fingers and eat them one-by-one). But this is also the only place in SA where I can find Lemon Fanta. We had this in Barcelona and Italy and, really, there is nothing better than Lemon Fanta on a hot day. The UK's soda is so different to ours, ours is almost luminous in colour and extremely sweet but this Fanta is a lovely light lemon colour and not too sweet. They also have Dr Pepper, Iron Bru, Cherry Coke and many more...

They also have cereal. But something old and something different. Something old as in Fruit Loops (it was my favourite as a child) and some new. We have 3 different Shreddies, Golden Nuggets, Cookies (they look like actual cookies!) and Nesquik. You buy these in packets of 8. They also sell the usual cereal in smaller boxes of 6 that has Coco Pops, Corn Flakes etc, just like we used to have.

They sell Madras Curry sauces, condiments, Dvd's pudding packets and cleaning materials. Anything you can think of so go visit them at their shop or online but don't wait too long: their extensive Easter selection won't last long.

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