Lunch box: Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Today's lunch is a very simple one: beautiful soft rye buns (new from Woolworth's), butter, tomato jam and grated Gouda cheese. Simple yet so satisfying.

As you'll notice what is being enjoyed with the sandwich is a nut and chocolate bar instead of fruit. I don't know if it is because we over did the fruit in the last couple of months or if I'm just bored of the selection, but there is only one word to describe's a beautiful Afrikaans word that doesn't have a direct translation but means 'tired of' something.

So what we have instead is a 'healthy' dessert in the form of a luxury yoghurt. A double cream, peppermint caramel yoghurt. It still has less canaries that it's equivalent dessert but because it's double cream, you'll never know it. I did find an interesting fruit from Woolies the other day: a white melon or cantaloupe. Beautifully sweet, almost like a honeydew melon, but other than that, no real flavour. It does help with the boredom with fruit though.

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