Easter treats

There are so many fantastic and absolutely adorable treats available or purchase from any shop, deli or supermarket that you walk into from as early as February. But sometimes you don't wasn't to give the kids a kilogram of chocolate. What to do? Well for one thing you will in all probability be stuck in the kitchen for most of the Easter Weekend so what ever it is, it can't bedtime consuming at all. So here is my plan for easy sweet treats that won't end with you at the dentist's chair come next week.

12 mini muffins (any flavour)
1 packet chocolate icing kit
Ingredients required for icing kit (usually butter and milk)
1-2 packets mini chocolate covered jelly speckled eggs

1. Prepare the icing. Pour into a piping bag with a star attachment.

2. Pipe/drizzle/spoon circles on the mini cupcakes so they look like little nests.

3. Top with 2 mini eggs into the little nest.

And voila. A cute and easy little treat that takes less than 10 minutes.

Use chocolate, blueberry or carrot mini muffins. If you want them to look prettier wraparound bow around each one. You can use vanilla icing tinted a bright green and piped on to look like grass.for a fancier take, paint the mini eggs in edible gold paint and place on chocolate muffin with chocolate icing and a gold ribbon around the bottom.

The ideas are endless but most importantly, they are easy! If you feel like superwoman and have some time to spare, why not bake the Rainbow Cake for your loved ones? 

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