Good Food and Wine Show 2013

What an amazing show this year. It was so much bigger than I expected, as all shows the last couple of years seemed to be dwindling to almost a waste of time and money. I don't know whether it was the amazing selection of stalls or the fact that Gordon Ramsey was there!

We had these amazing sandwiches with South African cured beef, avo and hard cheese with homemade balsamic syrup. We also got to try real Ginger Beer (with alcohol) which a UK company is thinking about bringing to South Africa

Some stores were there from the local shopping centres like Entrepo, Le Crueset etc and some online stores as well such as YuppieChef, all with big discounts.

So too were a lot of local producers with homemade goodies such as cheese and relish etc. They usually have a permanent spot at the Biscuit Mill fair in Woodstock.

However, the reason we went was to meet Gordon Ramsey. I have long been an admirer of his amazing cooking skills and his no bullish!t attitude but have come to realise that he is in actual fact quite a nice guy, standing there signing books for almost an hour, going out of his way to talk to each and everyone, asking them about what they are going to do next. Despite the very long queues, a grumpy companion and severe exhaustion due to the pregnancy, I really enjoyed it. 

By lunch time however the place was starting to get over crowded and they had to restrict the amount of people who was coming in. They also didn't seem to restrict the amount of people that can go to the shows. We had VIP tickets with a special seating area and waiting area but due to the crowds we could not enjoy the waiting area and supposed canap├ęs waiting there for us. Truthfully if you did it once then there really is no reason to return but if you have never been there then go at least once. Just go early in the morning!

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