Tuna Sweetcorn Fish cakes

I just had to try something like this. But I'm lazy when it comes to cooking. I had an idea what should go into a fish cake but didn't want to cook it too long so I excluded the usual egg. Then I was too impatient to cool it in the fridge before I egg and breadcrumb the cakes, so I lost those steps too. What you end up with is a fish cake that can be difficult too handle but taste amazing! Almost like my mom's tuna bake pie.

Makes 4 big or 8 small fish cakes

1 can tuna, water drained
1 medium cooked potato, peeled
3/4 small can creamed corn
1 spring onion chopped finely
1 cup flour

1. Mash all the ingredients together until well mixed. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Using your hands, form a ball and dust with a lot of flour until it isn't sticky anymore. Form into patty.

3. Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the patty until it is crispy on the bottom. CAREFULLY using a spatula, turn it over and fry on the other side until crispy.

4. Drain excess oil on kitchen paper. Enjoy warm with a salad or cooled in the lunch box.

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