Eating for Sustained Energy for Kids

I have mentioned it before but I adore children orientated cookbooks. It has the same recipes we grown ups love, made healthy but most importantly they look and taste good. Otherwise kids won't eat it! I myself are the same. Food should look AND taste good before I even taste it and healthy food is always a struggle. Remove the sugar and fat and you are usually left with cardboard. I am therefore happy to share a cookbook that I have been using for years: Eating for Sustained Energy for Kids

I have tried and tested these recipes over and over again and they do use some strange ingredients like baking with Pronutro etc, but the dishes are low fat, low sugar, low GI and low GL. Here is a sample recipe from Gabie Steenkamp's website.

Sample Recipe : Fish Cakes Makes 12 fish cakes or burger patties, or 24 mini fish balls
This recipe is taken from Eating for Sustained Energy for Kids
GI recipe
1 tin (410 g)pilchards in tomato sauce or 1 tin salmon
400 gpoached white fish (e.g. hake)
1medium onion, peeled and finely grated or chopped
30 mlfresh parsley, finely chopped (2 T)
375 mllower GI oats(1 1/2)
30 ml (2T)canola or olive oil
1. Remove pilchards from the tomato sauce and flake. reserve the sauce
2. Flake the poached white fish and mix it with the pilchards
3. Add the onion, parsley, oats and some sauce from the pilchards to make a
   firm batter. (use extra tomato sauce if using salmon)
4. Mix the eggs. Be careful not to over mix.
5. Shape the mixture into 12 fish cakes or burger patties, or 24 mini fish balls
6. Heat 15ml (1T) oil in a large frying pan and fry half the fish cakes quickly,
    as one batch over medium heat. remove from heat and keep warm.
7. Add the remaining oil to the pan and quickly fry the second batch of fish
8. Serve with potato wedges or colourful coleslaw or baby (new) potatoes
    sprinkled with parsley and plenty of cooked or raw vegetables.

Nutrients per fish cakeo    Glycemic Index n/a as this is a protein dish       
o    Carbohydrates 8 g
o    Protein 13 g    
o    Fat 6 g
o    Saturated fat 0 g
o    Fibre 1 g
o    kJ 614
o    Glycemic Load 8
One portion is equivalent to :  ½ starch, 1½ protein

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