Bastille Festival Franschhoek

As you enter the beautiful little town of Franschhoek you will see that every surface, every shop window, every pillar and every gate is covered in the French National Colours: Blue, White and Red. Every year  Franschhoek (who prides itself on being little France in South Africa) host this festival, which this year celebrated it's 20th anniversary. 

It's a time where there are markets everywhere, great food stalls and an opportunity to taste all the wine this little town has to offer.

However this festival is always at this time of the year, which means cold and sometimes rainy weather. We went early in the morning and left at lunch time just when the traffic started pouring in. If it starts raining everyone goes to the main tent so it can get full very quickly (you do have the option of buying VIP tickets where you will have a bit more luxury and space if you want to come later during the day).

Here are some of the wines and goodies we liked:

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