Italian Cooking Class

Another wonderful cooking class with The Little Pink Chef and this time we did Italian. We made home made gnocchi (I will never buy pre-made ones from any store ever again it really is that easy to make!) with the best home made basil pesto (and that is saying something) that is even easier to make at home.

Now the trick is to top the fresh and warm little fluffy pillows with the homemade pesto and grated Parmesan cheese for a quick and tasty evening meal.

 Next we made fresh pasta that really is so easy but I still buy the dried varieties from the shop. If I decide to make spaghetti Bolognese I worry about the sauce and don't want to worry about the pizza as well. What I will make however is homemade butternut and feta stuffed ravioli made with a special tray or mold (available from Yuppiechef)

If you want to inquire about the range of cooking classes or just to book a class, email Maryke at The Little Pink Chef or visit her website.

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