Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 3 of the Diet Disaster on the Cohen Diet and Hungry Hubby is being very strict! At first I was very hungry but I think my stomach has already started to shrink due to the restricted portions. Hungry Hubby is doing very well (as always) but is very grumbly about the no alcohol rule.

For Tuesday lunch we're having some of our Monday Night Dinner (we just each made double and divided in half to have dinner and lunch portions): Curry Mince with Cabbage &Mushrooms. Made with curry powder, mayo, water and vinegar to make a saucy curry. I add lots of ginger, garlic and a little chili. All fresh of course. Added last is some fresh coriander.

For breakfast I'm going to try yoghurt "rice pudding" and it's so easy to make. Mix some sweetener into plain yoghurt, add 1/2 of the yoghurt to a bowl, add a plain rice cake on top and squish it in so the bottom is fully covered, add the rest of the yoghurt on top and ensure that every part is covered. Refrigerate until the next morning. It doesn't look that good but tastes just like oats and on a low-carb diet it's heaven.


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