Clean Eating Magazine Christmas Gift Ideas

Some time you finds the cutest gadgets or ideas which would make the perfect Christmas present to someone special (usually yourself) but these ideas are also nice to share.

Now I love the pretty water bottles, meant to be filled with tap water and we do have some of the best crisp and clean water in the world if you ask me.

I also love the "for your eyes only" home camera, great checking up on the kids, babysitter, dogs, mother-in-law while you are t work.

I really love the rice cereal and pasta dispenser. Not only does it help with storage space but it dishes out the goodies in ounces meaning instant potion control (we just have to follow ounce instead of grams but that's easy to do)

I also love the little pepper bowls, great for dips and sauces. So to the chopping board with it's two removable sides (no more dropping halve the veggies on the floor!)

Now all these goodies are in America. Where can I get them in South Africa?


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