Healthy on the Go Lunch box 4

Today it's pasta salad! Very much like my Rice Salad, it combines creaminess from the mayo dressing and cheese, meatiness from the ham, crunchiness from the green pepper and sweetness from the raisins and finally wholewheat noodles. Well balanced and enjoyable to eat (especially with my latest craving: cheese!)

The rest of the lunch box was as follows:

Breakfast was a bran and raisin muffin with grated cheese and a banana.

First snack was popcorn yoghurt and cashew nuts and the last snack is rice cakes, chunky cottage cheese and almonds.

I saved the grated cheese from my breakfast and at it with the rice cake and cottage cheese with 1 tsp raspberry jam. Delicious! I seem to always eat the second snack first and I don't know why...

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