Lunch box: Monday, 16 September 2013

Today's lunch is Elvis inspired: an English muffin, organic peanut butter, honey and banana (to be assembled at the office where I have easy access to a toaster). Hubby bought the organic peanut butter which I found to be different from 'normal' peanut butter in both taste and consistency.

In taste it's slightly less sweet and less peanut buttery...if that makes any sense? But that is because the unnatural taste enhancers are also missing.

In consistency it's a lot more gooey (like in having a mouth full of glue) and even though it's sold as 'smooth' it is slightly grainy. It's also very oily (compared to usual peanut butter) but as I understand it's because the usual emulsifiers are removed so the peanut butter separate quicker, so next time give it a quick stir before taking a bit (therefore the glue consistency).

All in all I believe it to be a change for the better.

With my Elvis open 'sandwich', we have the biggest, red strawberries, carrots and some roasted red pepper hummus. A well rounded lunchbox?

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