Baby Shower

Hubby and I were most fortunate to have my two cousins, Monique and Stefan, host the most amazing Baby Shower (or for the guys - Diapers for Beers Party). It was a mixed party (the best kind so no eating purity etc) with good conversation and really good food. I took some of the photo's of some of the food to show what an evening for 30 people on snacks look like. We were worried that there wouldn't be enough food and ended up having so many leftovers - even after everyone took doggy-bags home. My cousins did the catering themselves (we're trying to get them to open their own catering company! So please let them know if you agree by leaving a comment). Our family and friend also really spoiled us with a wide variety of gifts including this beautiful diaper-cake (made by Monique) which we also think should be part of the services they render. So here are the photos:

Homemade Vegetable Springrolls with homemade sweet chilli sauce.

Croissant with ham, cucumber, lettuce and tomato. 
Rainbow fruit scewers.

 The cheese plate with some very stinky cheese. 
Croissant with roast beef, lettuce, cucumber & kiri cheese

 The two successes of the evening despite more elaborate choices:
 Homemade Chicken Mayo and Homemade Egg Mayo sandwiches on the freshest bread.

 Croissant, ham, cheese and cucumber sandwiches.
Crudités and Homemade dip.

 And a big selection of chicken wings, Boerewors, Sosaties (beef and chicken), cheese grillers and many many other nibbles. As you can see I stopped taking photo's after a while! So don't think it was just a selection of sandwiches, I was just running out of battery.


How cute is the cake stand? The whole house was filled with banners that had teddy bears and rocking horses on them, even on the glasses!

 The cupcakes were divine: vanilla with a lemon meringue filling and meringue frosting with these handmade teddy bears and rocking horses.

All in all Emma is spoiled for choice and Hubby and I are two very fortunate people.
Only three weeks to go...

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