Healthy-On-The-Go Lunch box

Recently I found a small company in Brackenfell that can provide breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks for the same price as a limited lunch in Cape Town. They make it fresh and have 2 pick up points in Brackenfell for collection each morning. The Company is called "Healthy On The Go" and they can be contacted by email. This is Monday's brown bag:

Breakfast is Muesli and Fat free Yoghurt and an apple (which I ate in the car on my way to work)

Snack 1 is 2 crackerbread with grated cheese and almonds.

They follow the meat-free-Monday's so lunch is Roasted butternut, feta, green pepper and sunflower seed salad with Couscous (with the veggie and couscous in equal portions).

Snack 2 is pretzels,biltong and a juice.

What more can you ask for?

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