Heathy on the Go Lunch box 3

Hubby is going to be so jealous! I'm having Tomato Stew for lunch (his favourite!) and a real South African traditional dish. 

Let's see what else I'm having:

Breakfast was Bran cereal and milk with an apple (they usually have rusk but I asked for the low carb option.

The first snack is crackerbread and 2 cheese wedges with cashew nuts.

Lunch is the Tomato stew and a naartjie.

And the second snack is veggie sticks, smooth cottage cheese and Peanuts and raisins. I love how they give you a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese for dipping as I love the dip more than the sticks. 

It's amazing how much (and how well) I will eat if the food is fresh and available. And I never knew how delicious a simple rice cake could be...its like popcorn (and will make amazing mini pizza bases)! Something to keep in mind for Emma one day - add something new to the lunch box as it might surprise her and me

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