I have expressed my appreciation for certain South African dishes such as Bobotie, a curry mince dish eaten with yellow rice. Though I am not domesticated enough to make it myself! I tend to buy Woolworth's version but since even Nigella has provided me with a recipe, I decided to follow her instructions and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is though not quick: cooking time is 1 hour but the preparations is short.

Hubby was so surprised that he had 2 huge helpings (he's not called Hungry Hubby for nothing!). It really is good. It's usual bazaar curry and rice taken to a whole new level wit a custard-like topping. Sometimes learning to cook an authentic South African dish has its perks!

Enjoy it with yellow rice by adding 1 tbsp turmeric to the cooking water of 2 cups rice. You can also add a handful of raisins for an even more traditional version of yellow rice.

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