I Quit Sugar Week 6

We are on week 6 of quitting sugar and, even though I failed miserably last weekend by going on a macaroon binge, it has become easier again. It seems that the addiction to sugar becomes easier to overcome the longer you abstain, even when you have a lapse. It has everything to do with willpower. And my willpower is so pathetically low, that if I can do it, then anyone can.

the only problem at the moment is that I crave salty foods and not the good kind. But that is an issue to address next not simultaneously. I have been following my Cohen Diet 3 out of every 5 days and try not to go heavy on the sugar any time I fall of the Cohen wagon. Luckily my bathroom scale is on the fritz so i can't tell you if I lost any weight but I do feel thinner (which is probably even better than being thinner!) but then again after being pregnant I feel a lot thinner than I really am anyway (no belly anymore!).

But I digress... This week I can start incorporating fruit again. I have been eating some fruit (as I hate any diet or change in diet that forbids fruit) but I have been sticking to the low carb and less sweet fruit like apples. I had some pineapple last night and is was so amazingly sweet, I am just unsure whether I perceive it to be sweet due to my sugar cutback or whether I just had a very sweet pineapple. But if it is the former then I can't wait to try some other fruit!

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