COHEN DIET: Beef/Ostrich Mince Curry | Lunchbox: 17 June 2014

Thank goodness for curry. I would not be able to do this if I could not have curry. I do miss my Lamb Korma with garlic and cheese naan though.... but I digress. I also had cottage cheese and cucmbers for breakfast (cucumbers I added after the photo was taken) with some basil pesto. I also had some juicy mango, wich was a surprise treat as the fruit was sweet enough to satisfy my sweet cravings. I know I should eat fruit while I am resetting my sugar-clock but I need my vitamins! I only eat 1 or 2 fruits a day so as not to overdo it.

I have discovered the joy of ostrich mince. It is extra low fat and tasty while behaving just like beef. I mad a double batch so I would have for  lunch as well.

Beef/Ostrich Mince Curry

  • 350g mince
  • 350g vegetables (I used mushrooms, patty pans, zucchini and red cabbage), diced
  • 1 tbls curry powder
  • 2 tsp mayonaisse
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • salt and pepper

  1. Heat a frying pan on high heat, spray some olive oil and fry the mushrooms.
  2. When almost done, add the mince and fry until brown, breaking up the big clumps.
  3. Add the vegetables and cook further.
  4. While the mince and vegetables are cooking, prepare the curry sauce: mix the mayonnaise, vinegar and curry powder together until well combined.
  5. Pour he sauce over the meat mixture and stir well. Add a tablespoon of water, cover, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. If it becomes dry add more water.
  6. When vegetables are soft and the mince is cooked well, remove from heat and enjoy!

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