Wednesday, 24 October 2012

As Hungry Hubby's punishment for forgetting his lunch box at work is that he had to make his own sandwich for tomorrow! Okay, I still had to tell him what to make etc, but hopefully he won't forget his lunch box again...

So here is Hungry Hubby's lunch:

It is hummus with carrot stick and cucumber wedges, some laughing cow cheese wedges, dried fruit and nuts and a mini blueberry muffin. His 'sandwiches' are English muffins with pastrami and cheese. I wanted to add cucumber or something green but then he said he wanted to add a beer! So neither of us got what we wanted...

My lunch: below

I didn't feel like bread or any carby lunch so I went for dried fruit with extra mango and nuts, coconut clusters, mango yoghurt, laughing cow cheese triangles, salami and Rosa tomatoes. A fruit salad made up of cantaloupe, red and green grapes.                                            
Been getting a lot of compliments for the coconut clusters. I will have to make some more...or maybe try something similar, they're so easy but SO good.

What are you having for lunch?

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