Thursday, 23 October 2012

I don't think Hungry Hubby appreciates all my effort... He forgot his lunch box at work again!

This however is a good opportunity to show how you can do a bento lunch box without the fancy Planetbox.

I kept all the little sauce holders from take away restaurants, which I use now for different sauces. I also experienced some leakage yesterday (wow that sounds terrible!) with the mustard and tomato sauce so will have to use all the sauce packets I've kept as well.

Tuesday's lunch is as follows:

We have a flour tortilla filled with avo, chicken, young spinach leaves and Rosa tomatoes. In one container we have 1001 island sauce for dipping the wraps. The other small container has hummus to dip the carrot sticks in. The Planetbox container has fat free mango and orange yoghurt in. Fruits are strawberries and grapes and as treats we have mini blueberry muffins and some of the coconut chocolate cluster that I made into small squares instead of balls.

Hungry Hubby's lunch box is a bit different. He gets a big ball...I mean chocolate cluster (because he's a big boy), a big container of hummus with sugar-snap peas and carrots, some grapes and two wraps. I used another smaller container inside the big container to stop too many foods intermingling, but I can't stop the mini blueberry becoming too personal with wrap!

I think I need to start thinking up some punishments for him forgetting his lunch box at work. Any ideas?

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