Tuesday, 16 October 2012

And it's our first Lunch!

The same for both me and Hungry Hubby: sandwich with pastrami, cheese, lettuce, avo and a little mustard. Some mini chicken pies, banana bread and mini red velvet cupcakes (all bought from our local deli. I'm afraid I might be married for almost 4 months but I'm not that domestic yet!) and finally something healthy: carrot sticks with some hummus (Hungry Hubby's surprising new favourite).

This is how it looked. First thing I realise is that I need to work on improving the presentation. Let me know what you think of the improvements.

I know it's not healthy and I'm not trying to give him a heart attack but I though I'd celebrate by giving him (and me) some treats. I might have over done it a bit...

Banana bread recipe?

Does anyone have an easy banana bread recipe they're willing to share? Banana bread is one of our weaknesses but finding it in the shops have become so difficult! Please help an undomesticated wife fake it!

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