Friday, 26 October 2012

For Friday we're doing boerewors (South African sausage) and meatballs (Australian Junior Masterchef recipe adapted). Hungry Hubby has his with mini multiple-seed rolls, spicy dip and 'rainbow salad'. Rainbow salad is basically shredded raw beetroot, carrot and lettuce with sliced celery. For treat we have mixed nuts, dried mango and some candied ginger in dark chocolate.

The only difference with my lunch is I eat my rolls for breakfast so mine has butter and chocolate spread on (easy to eat on the way to work) and I think it's better to have the carbs for breakfast. It's probably not the healthiest breakfast but sine I usually don't eat any breakfast, I think this is better than nothing. I then have the sausage & meatballs and rainbow salad for lunch with the dip and the dried fruit and grapes  at about 3-4 pm when I usually get hungry again.

Hungry Hubby sometimes eats his whole lunch box before 11 am! So I have to keep that in mind when I pack his lunch box.

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