Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hungry Hubby and I decided to slowly go on a diet, meaning we are going to try to eat healthier. This usually means we our diet start on the Monday and by Tuesday evening it all goes to hell as we grab what ever is the "easiest" (meaning "junk"). A proper lunch box (not like the first one on day one though with too many carbs it made a diabetic want to run away screaming!) allows you to think before you add to the different compartments. 

The second important aspect is aesthetics. You want the lunch box to look appetizing so that means colour. So here is the secret of the perfect lunch box: balance the food groups and balance the colour spectrum! Now somebody please explain this to Hungry Hubby as he is always interfering in my presentations!
So Hungry Hubby had tuna mayo salad (in the glass container) with yellow pepper, red onion and rosa tomatoes, some nice green spinach leaves. A few flapjacks (crunchies) for elevenses and a last red velvet cupcake. And again carrots with hummus.

Mine is a bit different. I added salami and cheese, pineapple pieces and as Hungry Hubby got the last hummus, I had a home-made coriander cream cheese dip.

Flab jack, crunchies or cookies recipes

There are only so many products available to buy so me, Mrs Undomesticated, hereby request your assistance! Please share ideas and recipes, any comment would be greatly appreciated!

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