Thursday, 25 October 2012

Aargh! It's amazingly hard to think out some healthy lunches that don't just consist out of salads! If it has leaves I don't want it for lunch. Probably as most of our evening meals include a side salad. So now I do a half salad, in other words almost everything except the leaves.

My Lunch box has an avo, grapefruit, red onion and chive salad (with the juice of the grapefruit to help the avo not to turn brown, salt and pepper) to enjoy with provitas and the laughing cow cheese triangle. Some tomato and cheese pizza fingers (as no one can be TOO healthy) and a kiwi fruit. I tend to just cut it in halve and eat with a teaspoon.

Hungry Husband will perish if he had to eat as "little" as I do (I so wish that was true...) so he gets some of last night's left over spaghetti bolognese with a little cheese grated on top, some avo, red onion and chive salad with provitas and laughing cow cheese triangles and some of the pizza fingers.

Looking at Hungry Hubby's lunch box I think I failed miserably in the 'healthy' department... In my own defence the bolognese is low fat with added veggies!

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