Monday, 29 October 2012

It's almost Christmas time can you believe it? How can I make such a statement in October? Well, because I just attended the most amazing Christmas Gift Market. Bought some amazing goodies such as these cute stickers (they have them for love ones, children and husbands) and bamboo fork and knives sets (which is the extras in Hungry Hubby's lunch box:

Hungry Hubby's lunch tomorrow's Ploughman's Platter with a Twist: gypsy ham, sharp cheddar, piccalilli (home-made by my mother-in-law Louana), an amazing new find: mascarpone cheese with figs and walnuts, olives, watermelon and of course hummus with carrots. We also have chilli bites and ciabatta.

My lunch is a bit different: I have some grapes and dried mango, laughing cow cheese triangles and spicy dip instead of piccalilli. It's an assemble your own lunch tomorrow.

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