How is my first week on a sugar detox?

How is my first week on sugar detox I hear you ask? Well, since I have only had to make a couple of changes it has actually been going well. That's not saying much as lunches so far has bought rather than made (bad mother, bad wife, bad me?). The only real issue has been the sugar in my coffee. I realized that I add sugar without thinking, then gulping it all down in one go with halve the sugar not dissolved.

(Let's not even mention my perpetual craving for Rainbow Cupcakes!)

But what I now do miss is honey. Which is strange as I have only started eating honey after my pregnancy (one of those weird cravings as I hated it before) and now I want French toast with a big lump of pure, light butter (Lurpak people!) and some plain clear light honey.

But obviously I will want it... An option to replace honey is rice malt syrup. Only one question: what the hell is that?! It doesn't sound appetizing. Plus doesn't it defeat the purpose? To retrain yourself not to want the sweet stuff? So anyone with a suggestion, I am more than willing to try it.

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