30 Second Croissant

I love croissants. I should have been French except I suspect they have a deep appreciation for croissants and baguettes and not the unhealthy obsession like I do. Therefore I rarely buy them but when I do I buy a bag of 8 individually wrapped fresh croissants and eat nothing but croissants for a whole week. Which is what happened this week. I was too embarrassed and therefore the lack of posts.

But since I now have what put little Em in the hospital last weekend, I kind of don't care what I eat, as long as it is comforting and quick (my motto when it comes to food). And this little sandwich really is quick!

2 croissants
Sliced cheese (I used Gouda) as much as you feel like
2 tsp tomato jam

Fresh fruit (I had fresh strawberries and sweet grapes)

Top the croissants with the cheese and spread 1 tsp jam on each croissant. Nuke in a microwave for 20 seconds until the cheese almost melts. And enjoy!