Lunchbox: Thursday | 15 May 2014

The I Quit Sugar Week 1 Diet was going well...until Friday. I had to fly to Johannesburg to attend my Grandmother who is currently in hospital and as always when I'm stressed, the diet went out the window. Even such a simple diet to reduce sugar. Why? Well because we were living on take-aways and I ended up doing everything that was on my list: orange juice and toast with jam in the morning, sugar in my coffee (of which I had many, many cups), coke at lunch and dessert in the evenings. So, I broke every single rule.... But as they say: don't give up, just carry on.

But I did have good intentions before the weekend. I had this fantastic sandwich on rye bread, with Cajun spiced chicken breast, salad and feta. No sauces, no soft drinks or juice and no jams or sauces in sight. 

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