Comfort eating.

Dear silent critics, my healthy eating intentions has seen its proverbial ass! With little Em having not 1, but 2 viruses, the worst one leading to a chest infection and almost another visit to the hospital and now we have to worry about chicken pox! This after she just received grommets from a nasty ear infection... I am a self confessed emotional eater. I always have been and have accepted my pathetic excuse for willpower but now it has reared it's mean little head once again.

My diet is non existing. In fact I'm using every inch of my willpower not to run to the nearest bakery, buy a whole cake and in it in secret. In the car. With my hands. So what am I to do? Hubby doesn't understand. He has immense willpower. I can buy his Christmas present, leave it unwrapped in a plastic bag, on the table and he won't even peak. I on the other hand would not only have peaked but tried it on!

We are leaving for Phuket in 11 months. I was so hoping to be able to wear a bikini but a burka would have to do. Any advice? Someone out there must feel as I do and must know the answers! 

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