Lunch box: Monday, 5 August 2013 - Cohen Diet

Today I continue with my Cohen inspired diet. I'm not following the diet to the fullest in other words I don't religiously weight my allowed food and I include little cheats.This weeks lunch box is as follows: a chicken breast, rosa tomatoes, kiwi fruit, naartjie and hummus for dipping. And because I can't get my honey crunch apples anymore (can you imagine the tantrums!) so I am now trying a red apple akin to the pink lady with Kiri cheese. 

Don't laugh but cheese and apples are in a longstanding relationship. I just mixed it up a bit.

For a true Cohen lunch box replace the hummus with mayo and mustard powder, the rosa tomatoes with a tomato and green pepper cut into strips and remove the Kiri cheese. Small swaps but these little "cheats"  really make it easy to follow the diet.

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