Lunch box: Friday, 16 August 2013

I might have mentioned before but my office does a 'tea' every Friday that includes pastries, cakes, sandwiches, samosas or anything not conducive to a healthy pregnancy, but it's always so hard to resist. To counter this delicious but unhealthy habit I've gone for a healthy lunch box without protein so I can have a couple pieces of chicken strips or meatballs at tea.

So what is in the lunch box? Three slices low GI bread (one slice for breakfast), butter, laughing cow cheese and jam. The last of the juicy pink grapes and multi coloured carrots with Woolworth's Red Pepper Humous. I really love the yellow carrots for their taste and the purple carrots for their colour. Preparing lunches are becoming more and more difficult as I either don't have the energy to do so at night or don't feel like eating what was packed the next day.

But we keep on trying!

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