Lunch box: Monday, 26 August 2013

Hubby is so disappointed with me... He says I failed miserably in providing carb free lunches as I said I would. I slipped into my old habits so quickly it's embarrassing! So Hubby packed my lunch today and vowed to do so this whole week to "show me it's possible". I on the other hand don't mind as it gives me a week of not doing lunches!

Here's what I'm having: carrots and celery sticks with my much loved Red Pepper Hummus, Hot Smoked Salmon, strawberries and grapes are in the lunch box, but with that I'm also having a small yogurt and an apple as my 3pm snack. Hubby insist on the 3pm snack as he says it's very important. 

I secretly agree but will never tell him so!

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