New Plates!

Getting the Little One to eat is always an issue but I think I may have found a possible solution! These Landscape plates were bought from OneDayOnly which offers great deals for goods (usually with a damaged box). I bought 3 sets, this garden set, a rocket set and a princes castle set.

I use the big removable plate for her dinner (in this picture it is chicken a la kind and rice) and use the smaller "cloud" bowl for either fruit or a dessert. Depending how carb-rich the main meal is.

Then I add water with a little juice in the "sun" cup. So cute. The only possible complaint is that the utensils are very thick. Does not allow for easy 'spearing' of meats. But I just add a cake fork as in the picture.

I wish it would be okay for grown-ups to eat out of such cute plates too!

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