Grown Up Lunch Box

Leftovers. If you haven't seen the use of making a little extra at dinner then you must be one of "those" perfect people that love slaving away in the kitchen while everyone is sitting in front of the TV and relaxing. There is nothing I hate more than being in the kitchen for longer than I absolutely have to be. Ironic for someone with a food blog I know. But I also know there are so many people that feel exactly like I do.

We had chicken schnitzels for dinner (not low carb but I added a salad for a lower carb dinner). I eat it with lemon and nothing else cut into strips. Hubby loves pepper sauce with his.

I added some cream cheese to be eaten with the carrots and cucumber and a 25g portion of cheddar.

I also added 2 beef meatballs and 2 strawberries. A perfect snack box for the whole day.

The Little One had her schnitzel strips and 2 meatballs, some leftover broccoli and green beans. A 25g portion of cheese, cucumber and carrot sticks and 2 strawberries. Ready for the day.

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