Grande Roche Hotel Paarl - Day 2

Our second day in Paarl started out a bit chilly but with a beautiful sunny morning. We got up and had a buffet breakfast with fresh pastries and bacon and eggs and whatever else you could think off. Hubby as always was set to be in a brilliant mood due to the hot breakfast.

So easy to please that man of mine.

Then it was time to enjoy the Estate Package. This was part of the extras given by the Hotel. The package starts of with a trip down memory lane at the Motor Museum. Wow but this is even exciting for a girl like me (and something the guys will love). They have some of the very first cars in South Africa, to some of the most expensive. They even have one of Nelson Mandela's cars there!

Can you believe we went from the red car to the white car in less than 30 years? Innovation like never before...

The next stop is at the Anthonij Rupert Manor house for our first tasting. You get to drive through all the winelands in the very cute tram that comes and gets you whenever you are ready. Meaning you don't have to drive anywhere. You just get to sit in the sun and watch the beautiful surroundings.

They actually kept some of the rooms authentic and you get to go and look at them. I loved the copper beds in what must be either a guest room or a children's room.

The master bedroom had this huge four-poster bed with beautiful views of the garden and a mini sitting room. The floors are all wooden with thick carpets.

But the on-suite bathroom that was very modern with 2 toilets (as big as most peoples houses) was what I loved the most. Just imagine having a bath in that! Topped high with bubbles while having a glass of their beautiful bubbly!

The wines were great as well. You actually get to choose a wine selection from all 4 wine farms. We sat in the lounge with the massive big fireplace and beautiful high ceilings and big windows.

Hubby chose to try the white wines and I tried the bubbly. We each bought 2 bottles and were happy to go to the next stop as we were getting hungry.

Then we were ushered by tram to the Terra del Capo Wine Estate for another wine tasting and antipasti lunch. We tasted the red wines (Italian style) and had so much good food (too much if you ask me!).

We started with cold platters (it was so much food we didn't realise there was more coming...) Bread (freshly baked), crackers and a selection of cheeses.

A cold meat platter with great salami, these amazing pickled onions (bought 2 bottles of those, finished them both within a week) and olives.

And this amazing cold mushroom salad with fresh and fried mushrooms. I am not a big raw mushroom fan but this was amazing.

The deep fried zucchini sticks and fried calamari (some of the best I have had in a long time!) with home-made mayonnaise.

Wish I could get the recipe. Even though this was served after the cold platters, I couldn't stop eating!

Braised Lamb Arancini which is a slow roasted lamb and risotto stuff ball, deep fried and served with a tomato sauce.
After all that eating and drinking, we were escorted back to our car. But wait, we can't go back to the Hotel, it is just after lunch. So we went to do some more tastings...

But more on this later.


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