Low Carb Lunchbox | Ham Rolls 2 Ways

Doing low carb actually requires the exact same amount of effort as your normal diet is you were trying to live healthy. You still have to plan because going to the closest take-away is not a healthy option no matter how you look at it.


I am a snacker. I love to eat all the time. All. The. Time. Yes I know this can be unhealthy. Especially if you are snacking in between your normal 3 meals (which is exactly what I tend to do). So I prepared a lunch box that allows me to snack the whole day. I made ham and cheese roll ups, added a pepper, some cream cheese and gherkins to dip into the cream cheese, 2 beef meatballs and 2 strawberries sliced into 4 to make them feel more.

These roll-ups are so easy:

Take a ham slice and add a cheese slice on top. And about 1 tsp cream cheese to on half. On the other half spread about 1 tsp grated cheese. Add a gherkin, halved in length to the grated cheese. Start rolling from the gherkin towards the cream cheese. The cream cheese actually seals the roll. And there you go.

To make the bottom rolls:

Take a cheese slice, top with a ham slice. Spread some cream cheese on one side. Add a gherkin, halved in lenght to to side without the cream cheese, then roll towards the cream cheese. Enjoy!

The Little One had the same rolls with 2 meatballs (they have a hidden chutney centre), some carrots and fruit: strawberries and pineapple.

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