Low Carb Cauliflower and Bolognese

One of the big things about trying low carb is the fact that you have to stop eating pasta. For the Little One (who doesn't eat that much to begin with) it can be a real challenge! So I end up making 2 dinners. I know I said I never want to do that but this one is really making 2 dinners. I still make my spaghetti bolognese as usual, but I split the mince sauce into two before adding the pasta. I then steam some cauliflower for myself and while Hubby and the Little One enjoys their spag-bol, I enjoy my mince, topped with cheese on some soft steamed cauliflower. By steaming the cauliflower just until it is fork-tender you get the same consistancy as with pasta.

Once you realise that pasta is just a filler and doesn't really add to the taste, then you can add anything. By adding a vegetable you are getting some extra nutrients as well as excluding carbs - Double Bonus!

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