Grande Roche Paarl - Day 2 continued

As we said, after doing tours and tastings, we weren't ready to go home. So what to do? Why not go and visit the Bergriver Brewery?

We were met by a friendly young gentleman who took us through the tasting menu and brewery process.

How cute are these? The beer is good and the bottles have these beautiful steam punk labels. So modern. I was getting a bit cold so bought this cute purple top from the shop. A nice memento together with 24 beers...

So we finally returned to the Hotel. Drank more wine (I had a massage) and waited for dinner. This time we ate from the Bistro Menu. Lighter but still fantastic!

Hubby started off with a Marinated Lolo Bionda Salad. Basically a salad with home cured duck breast, sweet roasted butternut, blue cheese dressing and a cranberry gel. It was served with a lot of Parmesan. So good.

I had the Pumpkin Cream served with slow braised lamb shoulder raviolo and red onion salad.

We both had the same main meal: Slow Braised Veal Osso Bucco served with baked polenta praline, sauteed baby marrow and garden cocktail tomatoes. The veal was so soft you could eat it with a spoon.

For dessert Hubby had what was called a "Lukewarm Ofenschlupfer" which is this beautiful cake like pudding, served with slow braised pear compote and homemade bourbon-vanilla ice cream.
I had the Vanilla Creme Brulee with roasted garden strawberries and homemade strawberry sorbet.
A good ending to a wonderful weekend. All that was left was to fall into bed, completely satisfied with a rosy (wine tinted) glow and sleep off all the indulgence.

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