Rugby World Cup Starts Today

The 2015 Rugby World Cup starts today and everyone is supporting a team. In our family we have South African, New Zealand and Australian supporters causing some friendly rivalry that is always exciting.

However something needs to sustain the energy throughout the rivalry and I have a few suggestions!

How about my famous Jalapeno Poppers with salami and feta deep fried or with cream cheese and mozzarella!

Or Sweet Jalapeno Poppers wrapped in bacon?

Or at least try the Sweet Jalapeno Popper Braai Sandwich or Original on Ciabatta"braaibroodjie" as a starter or a side.

If you want to go all traditional and South African why not make a South African Braai Pie to serve as pre-dinner snack?

If you are not a spice fan (really who doesn't need a little spice in their lives?) then try the Pizza Dippers with Pesto or the Homemade Sausage Rolls. All goes well with a few craft beers and even a glass of champagne for the girls while we ogle the well built guys in tight shirts (the only real reason we watch rugby anyway!).

And for dinner? If you are not doing the lamb chops and potato salad or Rice Salad (that's traditional fare for a South African braai by the way) then why not do Hawaiian Cheese Burger and Chips? Or something quick and extremely easy such as Chakalaka Cheese Hotdogs?

Whatever you do, just make sure you do it with friends and family because that is really, what this is all about!

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