Hubby's Childhood Sandwich - What is your wierdest combination?

Hubby has been suggesting I try this sandwich combination for more than 5 years and each time I say "hell no!". It just can't work there is no way. I even asked if he wasn't pregnant with a weird craving or something. But I tried it and wow, I have to admit I love it! But don't tell Hubby because I will never hear the end of it...

So what is it already? I hear you ask. Well, it's Marmite, cheese and Golden Syrup on white bread with lots of lightly salted butter. Yes you read right: Marmite and syrup! It all stated with making a Marmite and cheese sandwich for the Little One. Nothing weird there as Marmite and cheese is a classic combination. But I was worried that even though she loves salty things like olives, she might not like Marmite (I even don't! I am a Bovril fan myself).

I then remembered Hubby's stories about the infamous Marmite and syrup sandwiches of his youth and I though, what the hell, let's try it. I used equal parts Marmite to syrup, spread it on one generously butters bread slice, topped it with Gouda cheese slices and ended with another buttered bread slice on top. I then stepped back and bravely brought a piece to my lips - knowing that I have to try it before presenting it to my girl.


I loved it. Absolutely loved it! The salty-sweet combination was brilliant and I immediately hated myself for missing out on this sandwich for the last 5 years.


What else have I been missing out on?

Add your most loved or even weirdest flavour combination in a comment below.

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