Daily Dish

I have found the solution to all my troubles! A company called Daily Dish created a wonderful service that allows you to choose between 5 menus: anything from budget, low carb, vegetarian, no-pork or classic. They serve 2 or 4 people and it works like this:
  • You choose your menu;
  • Choose the amount of people to serve (2 or 4);
  • They deliver a box on Monday; and
  • You have exact portioned ingredients for 4 nights!
  • Cook the dish according to a recipe that is included; and
  • Every meal only takes about 30 minutes!
How amazing is this? I have already cooked with aubergine (which I would never have done before) and made meals completely new to me and Hubby says it is so tasty! I started with the classic box (pictured above) but now order the low carb version and merely add potatoes, rice or pasta which are staples I always have on hand.

I might never have to go grocery shopping again - okay that's a huge exaceration but I only have to buy the essentials and whatever I need for the Little One's lunch boxes. I order the 4 person menu and have enough for lunches as well saving me more than 200% in costs and no more wastage! I really am loving it. I just wish they provided a service where you could choose the menu as well as I always love about 75% of the recipes included.

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