A Pink Baby Shower at Work

A colleague  recently survived a baby shower held at work and I had to share this with everyone. The detail and thought that went into the planning was so cute that it probably outdone most private parties. With a limited budget depending on what coworkers could contribute and a menu of pizza from a local pizza shop and party games meant a party that I will not soon forget.
I loved the pink and grey colour scheme and absolutely loved the 'chandelier'! I immediately asked whether the ladies wouldn't be able to do my Little One's second birthday coming up soon. The goodies used were either from home of cheaply sourced but ended up looking sophisticated and really elegant.

And the table was loaded with sweet stuff from a pretty cake to gorgeously light and fluffy cupcakes baked by a coworker and beautifully decorated.Little pink elephants adorned everything going perfectly with the chosen colours.
The sweets were all in pink and white, from marshmallows in 2 sizes, to pink and white coconut ice and candy covered peanuts. They also sourced some pink rice crispie treats from the Local Food Lovers Market.

Pink fluffy clouds in the form of candy floss was displayed in pretty pink boxes with white dots. And for drinks you had a choice between sparkling apple juice with strawberries or strawberry flavoured milk.

Pink roses and a silver damask table cloth and glass cake stands dressed up the muted pastel colours to something from a magazine. All that was left was to enjoy the festivities and wish R the best of luck with her baby girl, arriving soon.

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