Lunchbox - Leftover Heroes



Leftover Heroes! As always, when you are tired, don't have a clue what to pack or have an empty fridge then re purpose leftovers. If you have a microwave then you have no excuse to enjoy a decent (and hot in the winter time) lunch everyday at work. And why throw out the leftovers and waste food you slaved the evening away on?

We had cottage pie (savoury mince with a mashed potato topping, nothing fancy but a family favourite) with orange green beans (I added orange juice and orange zest after steaming) so I decided to add the last bit to my lunch box. Quick and easy as always.

As a treat I added these beautiful red and juicy strawberries ands some baked cheese puffs.

I also added the cheese puffs to the Little One's lunchbox thinking she would love it as she loves cheese but was disappointed when I realised she didn't touch them! The yellow pepper, banana, red grapes, tomatoes and Laughing Cow cheese was devoured. The oldies but goodies.

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